Suggested Ways to Introduce Quotations

It is acceptable to input the name of the author either before the quote, or in parentheses at the conclusion of the quote. The page number will be written at the end, there is no need to use anything to signify that it is a page number. If you’re looking up the definition of orthography, you’re probably either a language buff like… Alternatively, MLA requires your quote to consist of more than four lines. For all your citation needs, I would like to recommend you to read of the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook published in 2016.

Her preoccupation with her looks suggests that she is too superficial to make her a believable character (author’s last name p.##). By calling them ignorant, the author implies that they were unschooled and narrow minded (author’s last name p.##). The Department of Transportation denies claims that the new bridge will damage the fragile ecosystem of the Potomac River (author’s last name, year, p. ##). For years, local residents have been disputing the plans to build a new highway right through the center of town (author’s last name, year, p. ##). Whiley rejects the idea that the earth could have been formed by a massive explosion in space (author’s last name, year, p. ##). Though bar owners disagree, Johnston maintains that banning smoking in all public places will not negatively affect bar business (author’s last name p.##). The author cautions that “people who subject themselves to smoky bars night after night could develop illnesses such as emphysema or lung cancer” (p.##).

Can you use quote as an opening sentence?

In the first example, the author placed the exclamation point outside the quotation mark because she added it herself to emphasize the outrageous nature of the parking price change. The original note had not included an exclamation mark. In the second example, the exclamation mark remains within the quotation how to insert quotes in an essay mark because it is indicating the excited tone in which the coach yelled the command. Thus, the exclamation mark is considered to be part of the original quotation. If you’re unfamiliar with the meanings of any of these words or others you find in your reading, consult a dictionary before using them.

how to introduce a quote in an essay examples

If you use any quote in your essay, then be certain to mention from where you took that quote because acknowledging the source will enhance the credibility of your essay. When you include quotes in your essay, remember to follow a proper citation essay format. When searching for a quote, give more importance to the quote that is easy for your readers to understand and relate to.

What’s a Quote Sandwich

“Our baby was a boy,” Shukumar tells his wife in the conclusion of Lahiri’s “A Temporary Matter” . [data sentence; orienter after quote] This admission is a death knell, tolling the end of their failing marriage. Introduce the quote by providing the author or organization credentials.

how to introduce a quote in an essay examples

Add a colon after a complete sentence to introduce a quotation. Quotes should always have quotation marks around them. You may face plagiarism if you do not use quotation marks properly. To make things even more interesting, you can quote someone saying something unexpected.

Creative and Powerful Sentence Starters for Essays

For example, Mark Twain’s famous quote, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Discover.” could be used as a topic outline for an essay on adult education, starting your own business, or even living the life of an expat. You might be wondering why you should consider using inspirational quotes in your essays.

Quoting an industry titan or an authority in your field adds credibility to whatever idea you’re trying to convey in your speech or essay. It also encourages the audience to consider the fact that, if a well-respected figure feels a certain way, perhaps they should, too. Remember, being selective with quotes and using them strategically will make your speech or essay much stronger than packing in lots of quotes and drowning out your own voice. Whatever direction your speech or essay takes, there’s a host of quotations to choose from.

Can I alter quotes?

Provide an MLA in-text citation following the quote, paraphrase, or summary. Paraphrase or summarize by writing the source information in your own words. Just keep in mind quotes should be the supporter, NOT the supplier, of information in an essay. Writers use quotations to support arguments, analyze text, and enrich fiction. Quotations are important because help prevent plagiarism.

Quoted material can hook an audience and add evidence. When a direct quotation is a complete sentence, the first letter has to be capitalized. There are several types of quotations, and the formatting and referencing style for quotations vary a bit depending on the type used. Incorporate phrases and pieces of quotations into your own sentence. When using quotations in a paper, the quotation should become part of your sentence. Here are some tips that might help you produce this seamless effect.

Can I use a quote in my thesis statement?

It is up to you how you are going to incorporate a quote into your essay. If you use a popular quotation in the same way as every other person, then the quotation will bore your readers. Also, it would make your readers think that you haven’t considered your target audience. So, avoid using clichéd quotes or frequently used quotations in your essay. If you’re citing a famous quote, you’ll need to provide a citation as well as the context of the quote.

  • As you decide whether or not you want to break up a quote, you should consider the shift in emphasis that the division might create.
  • Start the habit of briefly introducing the quote with a short paragraph, don’t just slap in a quote and hope that the readers can figure it out on their own.
  • Direct quotations are quotations that a writer takes verbatim from another source.
  • Direct quotations involve incorporating another person’s exact words into your own writing.

To introduce a quote in an essay, don’t forget to include author’s last name and page number or author, date, and page number in your citation. Shown below are some possible ways to introduce quotations. In this example, the signal phrase lets readers know to expect a quote and provides context by stating that the information is taken from the Department of Transportation. If for the sake of brevity you wish to omit material from a quoted passage, use ellipsis points to indicate the omission.

When to Use a Quote

Paraphrasing is when you restate someone else’s ideas in your own words. It’s a great way to incorporate evidence into your paper without using a direct quote every time. Although you don’t need to use quotes around a paraphrase, you do need to cite it.

how to introduce a quote in an essay examples

You can also try quoting someone who is not universally famous. Finally, you can use a well-known quote but write a comment that contradicts it. You want a quote that will draw in and catch the reader’s attention. Make sure that the quote is relevant to the point you are trying to make. You can use questions or trivial facts leading up to the quote to intrigue your readers.

Quotations for Introductions

In case, the quote you use is obscure or if you think it would be unfamiliar to your readers, provide additional details on that quote. Remember, the quote you prefer should be clear and informative but it shouldn’t insult your reader’s intelligence. Usually, the best how to introduce a quote in an essay examples essays open with a hook to draw the readers in and generate interest in the topic. More predominantly, using a quotation that is relevant to the topic in an appropriate manner acts as a strong hook. Indent the block quote by .5 inches (1.3 cm) from the left margin.

Quoting for any other purpose is counterproductive. Don’t quote to “tell the story” or otherwise convey basic information about the text; most of the time within this genre you can assume your reader knows the text. And don’t quote just for the sake of quoting or to fill up space. The word quotation is a noun that references what is taken from another source.

Say you’re writing an argument essay and are arguing that teens develop eating disorders because of societal and peer pressure. For years your teachers have told you that if you borrow someone else’s exact words, you need to put quotations marks around those words.

how to introduce a quote in an essay examples

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